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Since my crash in June at Miller MotorSports Park, where my motor blew and I broke my finger, I had been on an eleven race winning streak. I won at Big Willow, Auto Club Speedway, and Chuckwallla.  Also, I set four track records during this time. This last weekend I went to the final WERA West round at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where I won the 125GP Championship, and got second in the Formula 2 Championship. I would really like to thank all of my sponsors for all of their help this year. Without all of their valuable help, a lot of my racing would not have been possible. I especially want to thank Tige and James from CM Motorsports for suspension, bike tuning, and body work. NEXX  for all of their awesome helmets that saved me from a concussion when I crashed. C5 for the amazing paint jobs, Barf for their monetary contributions, AMG and Falco for help with my leathers, boots, and gloves. I also want to thank Fastrack Riders for track days, Mid Cities Honda for parts, ProSpeed for parts, Power Stands Racing for equipment, Lenny Albin from Race Tech for suspension, TrackDaz for track days, California Superbike School for training, Shorai Power for ultra lightweight batteries, Motul Lubricants for oil, Zero Gravity for windscreens, Lockhart Phillips for parts, Galfer for Braking parts, and Cycle Gear for parts.  I also need to thank Jon Boucher  from Next Moto Champion and Mookie Wilkerson from Outlaw Racing for their confidence in my abilities and never ending support and publicity. Thank you everyone, it means a lot to me!

First Race on the SV 650, Pole Position, 2 Wins!

We arrived at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway for Round 3 of the CVMA series Friday morning and set up before practice. All day Friday was a track day, run by TrackDaz, who did a great job at getting the riders lots of seat time. In the morning we had a few problems with the bike and I missed the first three sessions. Finally I got out onto the track and got some laps in. It was my second time ever riding the SV 650, so there were a few things we did to set up the bike and it looked like I was competitive for Saturday's races. 

On Saturday, I ran two practice sessions before qualifying. I went out onto the track for my first session and was already going faster than the day before. By the time qualifying came around some people had stepped it up. I had 20 minutes of qualifying and on the second lap I set pole with a 1:57.15, which was only .5 seconds faster than 2nd, he put down a 1:57.20. I turned two more laps in qualifying while adjusting my rear compression and found a good setting. I was happy with getting pole, but as I was getting ready for my race I knew it was going to be close.

My first race, Modern Vintage Lightweight, I started on pole, got the hole shot, and gapped 2nd place quite a bit every lap. The race was red flagged on the fourth lap and was more than halfway completed, so I finished in first. The second race, Formula Twins, was the race that was more important to me and was going to be close. This race was gridded with a bunch of SV 650's and EX 650"s. I was on pole and got the hole shot again. On the first lap I pushed really hard and made a gap. Just after that it was red flagged and we had to restart. This time I didn't get as good of a start, but still got the hole shot. As we came around the first turn huge gusts of wind started blowing sand around all over the track. We went for a couple of laps and the 2nd place rider and I gapped the rest of the field. As the race went on the sand got even worse, at some points you could hardly see the track and had to just use your reference points and hope you wouldn't run off. When that started happening I still kept pushing because I didn't want 2nd place to pass me. The 2nd place rider started backing off because it was so windy and dusty and I was able to win that race. Sunday's races ended up getting canceled due to the high winds. Overall, my first weekend on the SV650 was very successful!


First place in the 16 Lap Solo, first place in the 125GP, and first place in the Formula 2 classes. Thanks to Lenny Albin from Race Tech Suspension for tuning Tyler's suspension all weekend long. These changes helped Tyler go 1.5 seconds faster throughout the weekend.

SGPRU Round 2: Tyler Linders and his Moriwaki MD250H the big winner at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway
April 19, 2011

Fairfax, VA. – April 17, 2011 – The USGPRU headed to Chuckwalla Valley Raceway for the second round of the 2011 National Championship season. The CVMA graciously hosted this weekend in what was their second-ever race event. The twisty and flowing Chuckwalla raceway was particularly well suited for the GP bikes as it clearly rewarded rider finesse over brute horsepower.

The USGPRU races started out on Saturday with the REV’IT! Moriwaki MD250H class, powered by HONDA. Ben Truslow led from the start of the race, with Tyler Linders, Andre Ochs, and Gavin Herrin in tow. Ben and Tyler started to pull away from the other two boys. Then, Tyler decided that it was time to take the lead, and passed Ben on the inside of turn 12. Ben sat in Tyler’s draft for the rest of the race, stalking and setting Tyler up for the last-lap attack. But Tyler proved too fast and held off Ben to the checkered flag. Andre Ochs finished in a solid third place.

Sunday got started early with the Pilot Moto3 race. Tyler Linders again put his Moriwaki out in front of the crowd and seemed to have a solid grip on the race. But halfway through the race, Andre Ochs found some extra speed and reeled in Linders. A last-lap pass into turn 1 put Andre into the lead, much to Linders’ surprise. The timing was perfect as Linders was unable to mount a counter attack in time. The battle for third place was a heated one, as well, as teammates Jon Schendel and Yannick Begher diced with each other the entire race. The two Yamaha TZ125 riders would swap positions numerous times per lap, but ultimately Yannick was able to stay in front across the line to grab his first podium finish with the USGPRU.

The final USGPRU race of the day was the Moto Liberty / RS-Taichi 250GP class. This race was gridded up behind the CVMA ‘lightweight twins’ class, and featured bikes ranging from the fire-breathing 250GP 2-stroke racers down to the hot-rod 4-stroke Moriwakis and 125GP machines. Vince Rolleri looked to have the solid advantage at the start on his Yamaha TZ250 and it looked like he was going to have a lonely race out front. But young-gun, Tyler Linders had other ideas as he took advantage of the superior cornering of his Moriwaki to catch Vince in the twisty sections. Just as the pair was about to catch some of the lightweight twins back-markers, Tyler dove past Vince to take the lead. Then he used the lapper to put a little distance between himself and Vince. Tyler put his head down and pulled out an amazing 1:56.408 second lap, setting the new track record for the class. Back in third place, Jon Schendel and his Yamaha TZ125 was closing in on Vince, but his charge was cut short when the lightweight twins leader crashed out, bringing out the red flag and the end of the race. Tyler Linders was awarded his second win of the weekend, followed by Vince Rolleri, then Jon Schendel.

In the post-race awards, Daytona Anderson, Gavin Herrin, and Scott McNew each won a Motion Pro Motion Pro T-handle spinner and beanie cap. Yannick Begher, Ben Truslow, and Mario Alvarez won a set of Motion Pro Mini Pro T-Handle tool set. Tyler Linders and Mario Alvarez each won gift certificates for discounts on Pilot Leathers. The big money winner of the weekend was Tyler Linders who scored an amazing $1500 from HONDA for his results on his Moriwaki MD250H.

The USGPRU thanks all of its sponsors that help to make it possible for us to keep coming out and doing what we all love to do. Without your help, many more racers wouldn’t be able to afford to come out and live the GP dream. Thank you RS Cycles, Motion Pro, Moto Liberty, Pilot, REV’IT!, HONDA, Impact Armor, Roadracingworld.com, and RS-Taichi. We also have great contingency support from EBC, Silkolene, Dunlop, Bridgestone, and Michelin. Thank you all!

Full race results are as follows:

REV’IT! Moriwaki MD250H Powered by HONDA:
1. Tyler Linders
2. Ben Truslow
3. Andre Ochs
4. Gavin Herrin
5. Tyler Odom – DNF
6. Ryan Matter – DNF

Pilot Moto3:
1. Andre Ochs (Hon)
2. Tyler Linders (Mor)
3. Yannick Begher (Yam)
4. Jon Schendel (Yam)
5. Mario Alvarez (Hon)
6. Daytona Anderson (Hon)
7. John Milliron (Hon)
8. Stewart Aitken-Cade (Mor)
9. Gavin Herrin (Mor) – DNF

Moto Liberty / RS-Taichi 250GP:
1. Tyler Linders (Mor)
2. Vincent Rolleri (Yam)
3. Jon Schendel (Yam)
4. Mario Alvarez (Hon)
5. Yannick Begher (Yam)
6. John Milliron (Hon)
7. Scott McNew (Mor)
8. Mike Lytle (Yam)
9. Daytona Anderson (Hon) – DNS

The USGPRU is the officially recognized 125 Grand Prix National Championship® and 250 Grand Prix National Championship® series. The popular Moriwaki MD250H spec-bike youth class and the exciting new Moto3 classes round out a real GP experience. The USGPRU provides a unique opportunity for riders by providing extended length grand prix racing with timed qualifying and superb contingency and sponsor support. Race and practice format is designed to prepare riders for the experience of 2-wheel racing at the highest levels.

Photos by Sean McNew:
1174: Tyler Linders on his hot-rod Moriwaki stalks Vince Rolleri on Yamaha TZ250

4/2-3/11-The Wera round 3 race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway was thrilling. I had two 1st place finishes and one 2nd place finish. In the Lightweight Solo 20 I got a great start, coming into turn one in 2nd. After a few laps I passed 1st place and broke away, ending the race in 1st. In the 125ccGP I got the hole shot and had a decent gap ending in 1st. In the Formula 2 race I didn't get a great start, causing me to be in 4th by turn one. After the first lap I dropped back to 5th and knew that I needed to start coming back through the field. By the next lap I was in a four way battle for 2nd position. We all  switched positions a few times and by lap four I was in 2nd with a gap to finish the race in that position. Overall, this Wera round was very successful. I really want to thank my sponsors because I wouldn't be able to get closer to my dream without their generous help. Please use these amazing sponsors when you need any racing products or services-  Motul Lubricants, Nexx  Helmets, Falco, Shorai, Mid Cities Honda, Race Tech, TrackDaz, CT Racing, Ear Defenders, California Superbike School, Lockhart Phillips, Zero Gravity, SaferMoto, Outlaw Racing, Next Moto Champion, Impact Armor, ProSpeed, CM Motorsports, Power Stands Racing, Bazzaz, Galfer, Fastrack Riders, Chicken Hawk Racing, Vortex and Cycle Gear.

1/30/11- In Las Vegas on Sunday there was a lot of action. In the Formula 2 race Tyler started in 5th. He got an amazing start, which put him in 1st. Joe Roberts, Red Bull Rookies Cup Rider, who was in 2nd closed in on Tyler and the two battled all the way to the finish line. They passed each other at least eight times during the race. Joe won the race with Tyler 0.173 seconds behind. In D Superbike Tyler  started on the 5th row, which was 12th place. When the flag dropped he quickly got to the front and gapped the field, finishing the race in 1st. He ended the weekend with the fastest lap of all the 125 and Moriwaki riders with a lap time of 1:25.259.

1/29/11- At Las Vegas Motor Speedway with Wera, Tyler started 5th in the lightweight 20 lap solo and quickly moved up to 2nd by the first corner. He closed in on first, who was riding a SV650. They battled a little and Tyler ended the race in 2nd.

1/9/11- Tyler heads to Auto Club Speedway for his first Wera race of the season. He gets a great start in the 125 GP class and is in 4th place most of the race but is closing in on the 2nd and 3rd place battle.  In the last lap,  last corner, before the checkered flag Tyler says, " I just had to do it". He was referring to his amazing pass as he stuck it on the inside to pass the 2nd and 3rd place riders, giving him a podium of a 2nd place finish!

Tyler, Peter, Joe, and Andre
REST IN PEACE PETER LENZ- You were an amazing rider and we miss you!!
45 Forever

Tyler will be racing at the MotoGp Indianapolis race in the Moriwaki class on August 27th-29th 2010

Tyler Sporting his patriotic leathers and bike paint


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